The following URL is not mobile supported. SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

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Really quick blog post as this is a super easy thing to fix but the answer doesn’t appear to be on the web! If you’ve created a custom form in SharePoint designer for a list and you’re seeing that “The following URL is not mobile supported” you can force the page to load in full view without redirecting to the mobile view by adding a parameter to the URL. Just add “mobile=0” to the URL. Something like https://company.sharepoint.com/list/customForm.aspx?mobile=0 will do the trick. You can of course disable mobile view feature for the site but if you’ve created a custom form and are directing users to it (either through a workflow or link) then this works a...

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New Releases of ‘Resource and Room Manager’

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May the 4th marked the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of SharePoint Server 2016! This is an important milestone in the delivery of this significant release, which includes new capabilities for users, IT pros and administrators, as well as the next generation of hybrid capabilities for SharePoint. This also marks the general availability of cloud hybrid search for SharePoint Server 2013 and higher customers—allowing on-premises and Office 365 content to be surfaced in one search result.   That’s the end of the Microsoft announcement. Much more important is the release today of the latest version of ‘Resource and Room Manager’ from AspiraCloud. There are a number of enhancements to the product both for the end user and the administrator.  You can download the latest version of Resource and Room Manager here on our temporary download site.  The new product page will appear on this site very soon where you will find this release and all our other great products for SharePoint. The enhancements include Power Bookers and Administrators can now delete any booking from standard grid-view user interface. Previously this could only be done via the admin section. Users can delete single instances from linked bookings. For example; if 5 slots are selected together and a booking is made these are known as linked bookings. Previously, only the whole block of linked bookings could be deleted. Now, single items can be removed leaving the rest of the linked bookings in-place. Within the standard grid-view user interface the calendar picker can be used to select a date up to 14 days in the past and view historic bookings. We have introduced a simple viewers permission group for users who want to find bookings even though they may not have permission to make a booking. Various big fixes and code base enhancements. Still to come this year… A new interface that will allow recurring bookings to be made in the same style as Outlook. Improved date navigation and improvements to the calendar control. This version of Resource and Room Manager also coincides with our new pricing model for all of our SharePoint Apps. If you want to find out more about Resource and Room Manager CPD Manager Options for Education Targeted News and Announcements SharePoint Redirect Subject Glossary Trophy Cabinet for Education Simply email info@aspiracloud,com or call us on 02476 362712 for a quote....

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Working with a Microsoft Cloud Platform Provider

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Earlier this year AspiraCloud (or SharePointEdutech as we were known then) was awarded their Gold Cloud Platform Provider competency from Microsoft.  That might not mean a great deal to you now, but its big news for us.  In this blog post, I hope to unpack some of the key features of this program and why it will be of benefit to you to work with AspiraCloud as you Cloud Solution Provider partner. The whole purpose of the Microsoft cloud competencies is to improve the customer route to the cloud with the help of a trusted partner like AspiraCloud.  Like any good consultancy company we wanted to engage with the customer at every level of the process, from the initial consultation, right through to the sale.  By helping and supporting our customers the purchase of licenses and setting up a cloud tenancy is just the start.  The cloud platform program allows us to directly engage with the customer and support the development of their project throughout the early stages and in to the maturity phase.  By the time annual renewal comes around, the customer and AspiraCloud are fully engaged in assuring successful implementation and management of the project and the business solutions provisioned in the cloud. By working in partnership with AspiraCloud the customer will get a much netter picture of the billing process and what their cloud services are really costing them.  They can start to see the savings build up over time which maintaining the same strict financial controls they are used to operating with capital expenditure. Each month the customer and the partner receive a clearly laid out bill detailing their cloud usage and the associated costs.  There are no hidden extras. Working with a cloud specialist like AspiraCloud also allows the customer to tailor their spend exactly how they want to see it.  They can make an annual commitment or more to benefit from the best prices or simply commit to a monthly contracted fee.  This model also benefits AspiraCloud as we can create special offers and incentives in our own right to attract new customers and promote the fantastic opportunities available to the customer in the cloud. From time to time things will go wrong.  As part of the provisioning process for customers working with a Cloud Partner like AspiraCloud we are able to set up a direct route to technical support services and mange the calls on behalf of the customer.  Its like having your own team of support services but with the extra back up services from Microsoft, the world’s leading cloud provider.   So by now perhaps you are wondering what Cloud Services we can offer you as part of this program.  Well the answer is simple.  We can offer you Office 365, Windows Intune, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics Online, Microsoft Project Online and so much more. At AspiraCloud we want you to Expect More from your partner of choice.  We want our customers to Do More and work with us as your trusted Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform partner.  Contact us  or email us hello@aspiracloud.com and use our experience so you can Aspire to Be More. Stop Press News AspiraCloud Director of Strategy and Business Development, Seb Matthews will be the KeyNote speaker at the SharePointalooza event this coming weekend. For more information, check out their...

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